Tourist Routes from Chiclana

(Departures from Novo Sancti Petri, from another place request fare information)


Known as “La tacita de Plata”, Cadiz is a place with a special charm. Let its culture, people and neighbourhood captivate you. A unique place where the sea, the sun and the city merge into one in La Viña neighbourhood with magnificent sunsets on the Caleta Beach.
  • Cadiz Catedral with wait (Cathedral, Alameda, La Viña, La Caleta, Plaza de España and El Populo).
  • Up to 4 passengers from 45€ | Waiting for 3 hours from 90€
  • Up to 6 passengers from 55€ | Waiting for 3 hours from 110€
  • Express Route (Photo stop at Puente de la Pepa, El Muelle, Caleta, Catedral and back to the hotel) 5 minutes per stop.
  • Up to 4 People from 60€ | Up to 6 People from 70€

Jerez; wine tour / EQUESTRIAN ROUTE

(2 hours)
It has an extensive history and is internationally known by the two main powers of the city, wine manufacturing, with its own designation of origin, and equestrian tradition. We invite you to visit them in this route and to be completely allured by Jerez.
  • Visit a winery of your choice (Bodegas Fundador, Lustau, Álvaro Domecq, Sandeman, Bodegas Gonzalez Byass)*
  • Show of the Royal School of Equestrian Art (90 min), separate tickets. You can check prices and schedules at *
  • Up to 4 passengers from 66€ | Waiting for 2 hours from 100€
  • Up to 6 passengers from 80€ | Waiting for 2 hours from 115€

* To choose one of the two routes: wine tour or equestrian route.

We also offer a shopping route around Jerez, check the conditions with us.


(4 hours)
Are you thinking of visiting Seville? History, culture, monuments, gastronomy, many charms and strengths of this beautiful city, enjoy an unforgettable day with your family or friends.
  • Plaza de España 1 hour | Puerta de Jerez 3 hours
  • Up to 4 passengers from 170€ | Waiting for 4 hours from 204€
  • Up to 6 passengers from 230€ | Waiting for 4 hours from 276€



We accompany you and advise you on the interesting sites of the cities to which we make the routes from Chiclana


(4 hours)
Visit Malaga, a city open to the world with a lot to offer. Visit the main monuments, museums, and shopping streets. You will be charmed by its people.
  • Malaga Centre - La Malagueta
  • Up to 4 passengers from 282€ | Waiting for 4 hours from 342€
  • Up to 6 passengers from 338€ | Waiting for 4 hours from 410€

Gibraltar, El Peñon (Rock of Gibraltar)

(3 hours)
Enjoy the visit to this small British land enclosed in the south of the Iberian Peninsula. Its particularities, shops, culture and the visit to the Rock of Gibraltar with its famous monkeys are a tourist appeal worthy of a visit.
  • Gibraltar (Border); Visit Shopping Street, Cable Car and Monkeys
  • Up to 4 passengers from 162€ | Waiting for 3 hours from 207€
  • Up to 4 passengers from 207€ | Waiting for 3 hours from 250€

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  • Vehicles of 4 or 6 passengers
  • We calculate the price, according to the itinerary

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